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Bianca Craig
B.Occ.Thy, Occupational Therapist

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Bianca is devoted to seeing each child and their family living with a disability to live a full and limitless life. Her practice in Australia and abroad has gifted her rich experience in school and rehabilitation services, with children facing a variety of developmental, sensory-processing, social-emotional, and trauma challenges. 

Bianca’s playful nature brings a natural connection with children and her open and family-centred approach celebrates each family member for their role in supporting their child to be the best they can be. Bianca will work in partnership with you to build your child’s capacity in daily life skills, whilst drawing on their unique personality, strengths, and interests to ensure therapy is both meaningful and fun.  

Bianca has a special interest in working with sensory-processing challenges and guiding children to self-regulate their emotional and physical responses at home, school and in the community. Bianca believes this to be especially vital in the early childhood years when the body and brain are most receptive to change and as children prepare for school. Bianca is a trained yoga teacher and enjoys integrating yoga and mindfulness techniques for children and families as part of her therapy repertoire. 

Bianca is registered as both an NDIS and Medicare provider 

Meaningful daily occupations for your child or adolescent may include: 

  • Self-care: Dressing, grooming, toileting, showering, eating, and their chores or ability to get snacks for self or others 
  • Productivity: Activities that enable participation and success in their learning environment, such as at childcare, school or work 
  • Play and Leisure: Partaking in activities that bring your child pleasure, amusement, and reward without obligation 
  • Social Participation: Engaging in activities with others 


  • Individualised therapy programs for children aged 0-18 and their families/ caregivers 
  • NDIS Provider Support 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • Play and Socialisation Skills 
  • Sensory Processing 
  • Developmental Delay 
  • Intellectual /Learning Disabilities 
  • Physical Disability 
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills 
  • Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness 
  • Evidence-based assessment, interventions, and outcome measurement 
  • Environment modification (home, school, community) 
  • Equipment and assistive device assessment, prescription, and training 
  • Assistance with public mobility, such as use of public transport 

Benefits for your child or adolescent:  

  • Support development of functional skills in daily tasks and minimise challenges related to their disability 
  • Develop independence and increase participation in all facets of daily life including self-care, social and self-management skills your child needs to engage in their home, school, and in the community 

Benefits for your family: 

  • A flexible, family-centred approach to provide support and education for the entire family unit 
  • Collaborative goal setting with families and with other professionals 
  • Enable families to assist their children to use their new skills in everyday settings such as home, childcare, school and in the community 

Treatment Process: 

Clinic assessments and interventions can take place either at the Centre for Mind Body Wellness clinic space, or as part of Bianca’s mobile service in your child’s natural environment, be that at home, school, or in their community. Bianca does her best to reach as many families as possible by offering mobile services within an approximate 40 km from Mullumbimby. Bianca will do her very best to reach all families, so if your family extends beyond this reach please contact her to discuss options. 

  • Assessment: Initial assessment to identify your child’s occupational roles, strengths, needs and challenges necessary for them to partake more fully in their unique life roles and everyday activities. Factors related to the environment and contexts where these occupations take place are also assessed. 
  • Planning: Family-centred goal setting to guide ongoing therapy that is tailored to your child’s needs and to benefit the entire family unit. 
  • Intervention sessions ensue until goals are met. Collaboration with other practitioners as appropriate. 
  • Evaluate and report outcomes in relation to your child’s goals. 


Occupational Therapy reports may be required in situations including: 

  • Following your child’s initial assessment and goal setting 
  • Reviewing goal attainment at regular intervals whilst your child is still receiving occupational therapy 
  • When referring to another professional or service 
  • To support your child in their educational setting 
  • When supporting your child’s referral to a tertiary setting 
  • When advocating for funding or equipment 
  • To support a legal case relevant to your child 

Cost: Private and NDIS services are available and vary from consultations to direct individual therapies. Please note that prices vary for clients who are covered under specific funding, and any travel costs inclusive in NDIS client care will be calculated as per the NDIS travel calculator.  

Private Clients 

Initial and Ongoing Assessments:
2 hours including written report | $280 

Complex Assessments:
4 hours including written report | $560

Individual Therapies:
45 minutes $110 | 60 minutes $140 


NDIS Clients
(prices are as per NDIS fee schedule)

Individual therapies, including assessments and consultations:
$175.75/ hr 

Additional Reports: 
If requested | $175.75/ hr 

Mobile Fee:
As per NDIS travel calculator