Deb Manoy

Cranio Sacral Therapist, Gestalt Therapist + Yoga Teacher

Deb Manoy


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Deb is an experienced Cranio Sacral therapist. She brings 20 years of energetic healing, Yoga and Meditation teaching and Naturopathy to her practice. For the past couple of years, Deb has been working at two higly esteemed rehabiliation centres and in private practice. Deb owned and ran her own yoga school, The Dharma Shala in Sydney. She now teaches regular classes at Yellow Church in Mullum, and she is completing a Masters in Gestalt therapy.

Cranio Sacral

Cranio Sacral therapy works gently and effectively with the cerebrospinal fluid, musculo skeletal system and energetic body. It is deeply nourishing to the nervous system, adrenals and organs of the body. For the past couple of years Deb has worked regularly with clients with anxiety, depression and PTSD, using her compassion, intuition and knowledge to encourage some healing for the mind and heart and to help rebalance the nervous system. Cranio also works beautifully with headaches, neck and back pain/tension, pelvis instability, sacral imbalance, hips, frozen shoulder, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, vertigo and many other conditions. It facilitates in your unique healing journey as it supports the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself.

Deb’s approach is subtle yet powerful. She is sensitive to the needs of each individual in her treatments. Deb is extremely passionate about her work, and over many years has discovered how to synthesise her knowledge into a session that is appropriate for each individual. She has a deep interest in the somatic body and a curiosity in how we hold pain in our body and how we can release this pain. Deb’s intention is to allow a gentle unfolding as she holds you in a tender and caring way to re establish a sense of grace, ease and healing.


Deb has been involved in yoga for the past 20 years. She has spent much time in India studying and has run workshops and retreats in Bali, India, Thailand, Australia and London. Over the past few years Deb has immersed herself in a practice of mindfulness, which she shares in her teaching. She has strong focus on restorative yoga and encourages her students to feel into what they need from the practice by listening to the body and honouring its wisdom.