Grace Hawkins

Integrative Naturopath

Grace Hawkins
BHSc (Compl. Med) Adv. Dip (Nat)


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Grace Hawkins is an Integrative Naturopath passionate about supporting individuals to reach their optimal health, wellbeing & balance in a holistic & personalised way. With over 12 years’ experience as a health care practitioner, Grace has worked in several leading health retreats within Australia, and has integrated her preventative health solutions & skill set within several medical practices & health care teams in the Northern Rivers region.

She believes in providing her clients with the support & knowledge needed to build self-confidence, helping individuals to trust in their inner abilities to heal & create the best possible outcomes towards the optimal health & wellbeing of their body, mind and spirit.


Skill set:

  • Integrative Naturopathic consultations (Collaborating with other integrative heath care practitioners)
  • Blood pathology review
  • Functional medicine testing
  • Herbal medicine & Nutrition
  • Supplement therapy & Emotional support
  • Meditation one–on–one sessions
  • Educational health presentations



  • Nutritional & Biochemical imbalances
  • Mental health & Mood disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Urinary Pyrrole disorder
  • Eating disorders & Stress management
  • Women’s health & Weight management
  • Digestive health

COST: $120 for initial 90min consult. $90 for 60min follow-up consult. $60 for 30 min follow-up consult. Health fund rebates available.