Jaclyn Cunningham

Youth and Adolescent Counsellor

Jaclyn Cunningham
MSW. GDipEd.


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Jaclyn Cunningham offers counselling for teenage girls and young women. She empowers her clients with knowledge, strategies, and tools to move forward in life with a greater sense of worth and purpose.  

Jaclyn has worked with youth for nearly ten years as a high school teacher, youth worker, Rites of Passage facilitator, social worker, and counsellor. Over this time, she has focused on supporting girls to navigate this transitional time of life in order to become the best version of themselves as adults.  

Jaclyn uses a post-modern therapeutic approach incorporating body centred, strength-based and narrative therapies. More specifically termed “eco-spiritual helping”, and described as “focusing on the complete mind/ body/ spirit/ community relationship matrix of living.” This is an effective therapeutic approach for a wide range of mental health challenges.   

During your sessions with Jaclyn, you will explore your story and develop a deeper sense of support, connection and belonging – to yourself and your body, your family and social groups, your wider community, and to nature. You will learn techniques and skills which will help you navigate life’s various challenges well into the future.  

Jaclyn is available for appointments at the centre Saturday mornings only, from 8:30am to 1pm. Please call or use the contact form to book or with any questions.  

Cost: $120 per 1 hour session