Jessica Maguire

Physiotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher

Jessica Maguire
MPhys, BHSc, MMT


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Jessica Maguire is an experienced Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates teacher and Mindfulness Meditation teacher. She is the former owner of Flex Physio and Pilates and is the co-owner of Coming Home To Your Body Retreats.

Jessica is passionate about helping her clients overcome physical and emotional pain using “hands-on” Physiotherapy treatment, Mindful Movement and mind-body practices.

Jessica has been studying under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach in California. They are two renowned meditation teachers, psychologists and authors, influential in bringing eastern meditation practices to the west. Jessica is passionate about helping people cultivate daily mindfulness and meditation practices to bring a greater sense of health and well-being to their lives.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Appointments for neuromusculoskeletal conditions begin with a thorough examination to form a diagnosis about your pain. From there Jessica will decide on the best form of management for your condition specifically. She may use highly specific treatment approaches including manual techniques, and therapeutic exercises to integrate joint, muscle and nerve tissue to optimal health.

Mindfulness techniques may also be used to help with chronic pain and to promote recovery and wellbeing, complementary to symptom remediation.

Physiotherapy is highly effective for lower back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, posture problems, strains, arthritis and nerve pain.

Mindfulness Teaching

“There is a wonderful way to overcome difficulty and discover well-being and freedom. It is mindfulness.” – Buddha

Whether you are a complete meditation beginner or you want to deepen your current practice, you can develop or enrich your own daily core practices working with Jessica.

She will teach you the fundamental tools of mindfulness such as body scans, mindful movement, concentration, inquiry, open awareness and heart meditations. These ancient teachings help those who practice to develop a stability of core well-being and a greater sense of present awareness.

Meditation is a profound strategy to maximise your potential and liberate your heart from suffering. The transformation principles underlying mindfulness meditation can help to address physical pain, emotional challenges, trauma, relational difficulties and interpersonal conflict.

From this training you can experience changes to your brain, known as positive neuroplasticity. This helps you to have greater moments of presence, self-compassion, resilience, gentle strength, self work or whatever traits we need to develop to live well.

“To begin to meditate is to look into our lives with interest and kindness and to discover how to be wakeful and free” – Jack Kornfield

Scientific research has proven the value of mindfulness and related practices. These trainings have now spread throughout the west in medicine, business, the arts and education. Jessica mentors on a one to one basis as well as teaching classes and workshops that allow you explore the interface of meditation with western psychology and cutting-edge science.



Initial appointment (1 hour): $120

Follow-up appointments (50 minutes): $90

Private health insurance rebates apply.

5 Medicare rebated Enhanced Primary Care treatments may be available if issued by a General Practitioner under the Chronic Disease Management services.