Lucy Arnott

Transpersonal Counsellor, Art Therapist, Reiki & Australian Bush Flower Practioner

Lucy Arnott
Diploma Transpersonal Counselling
Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy
Cert 1 ACT
Reiki Master
Australian Bush Flower Certification


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Lucy integrates counselling, art expression, meditative processes, dream work and psychodrama to explore and work with people in a noninvasive, person centered way.

Knowing that life can bring great challenges at times, Lucy creates a warm space to heal, grow and flourish.

Within her practice, Lucy guides people through simple and yet profoundly powerful processes, these processes can allow a person to discover and receive answers from their subconscious, that the conscious mind cannot. Rather than being told what’s right or wrong, what is for you and what is not, this work allows you to discover your needs for yourself, leaving you feeling empowered and self-assured. She believes using Art and Transpersonal Therapy to heal are some of the best transformational tools we have direct access to.  

Providing support for adults and children with: 

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks
Loss of life direction, self-identity and vision
Grief and loss of loved ones
Low self-esteem and confidence
Transition and change
Physical pain and body concerns
Improving relationships
Finding joy in creativity
Self discovery 

Lucy is also passionate about child development, having worked with the Starlight Foundation in Hospitals in Sydney and Perth, facilitating creative program for teenagers. Spending time with mentoring program NASCA, supporting Aboriginal kids in remote communities in the NT, working to promote education, goal orientation and health, well-being and fun. She has worked extensively with elderly as a community carer, group work with carers, corporate team building, women in the Correctional Rehabilitation Centers, children with disabilities, woman’s empowerment workshops and individuals in one setting. When Lucy isn’t plugged into her one on one practice, she is practicing as Student Counsellor for the IKON Institute, supporting students throughout their Art Therapy and Transpersonal Counselling studies. 

Lucy has bi-annual workshops and retreats. Please check out her website for more info.


$90 1hr
$120 1-1/2hr