Nirupa Hoffman

Somatic Facilitator + Yoga Teacher

Nirupa Hoffman

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Phone 02 6684 4797 / 0488668673

Nirupa teaches Movement Intelligence with an emphasis on Nervous System Regulation integrating Somatic Experiencing into her classes and workshops, a fusion that Nirupa has developed called Somayoga.

These workshops are specifically designed to support Nervous System Regulation and the Healing of Trauma.

All classes explore sensations of the inner landscape of the body, the ‘felt sense’. Through gentle movement, tracking, and observation, natural activation and deactivation cycles of the nervous system move towards self-regulation and well being.

In these classes there will be a focus on the principles of grounding, slowing down, orienting, pulsing, rhythm, tone, oscillation, spirals, wave, axis, spontaneous natural breath, and the Great Pause.

Nirupa has an extensive background training in Classical Ballet, Oriental Expressionistic Dance, Osho’s Meditations, Zen Koan work, Insight Meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki, Massage & Bodywork, Hatha Yoga, Cleansing, Somatic Movement Intelligence and Somatic Experiencing.

Nirupa holds a BA from Boston University in Political Science and International Relations, a graduate of the Arizona School of Real Estate, a diploma from Dr. Scherers Institute of Natural Healing, Santa Fe, NM, she is a certified Yoga Instructor from the Byron Yoga School, a Somatic facilitator of Movement Intelligence- Bones for Life, Train the Trainer. Nirupa has completed her studies of Somatic Experiencing – Healing Trauma, a three year training of Nervous System Regulation in Brisbane.

Contact Nirupa for any questions regarding the workshop or to make a booking. Please reserve your place as classes are small and places are limited. As a part of the wonderful team of practitioners at The Centre for mind Body Wellness Nirupa will be offering her workshops throughout the year.

Nirupa will be offering two sessions focusing on Somatic Movement & the Regulated Nervous System.

See here for dates of Nirupa’s next course.