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Sahar Zadah’s integrative approach to wellness brings together a wide range of counselling, coaching and facilitation techniques. These are brought together in a unique way for each individual or group. Her programs have a deep foundation and emphasis on cleansing, authenticity and self-realisation. At the same time, they offer a deepening one’s knowledge in practical and spiritual skills of meditation, intention setting, self care practices, yoga and ritual. Clients will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. Sahar’s approach to the delivery of this program and its commitment to the personal and spiritual growth of clients makes this a sought after program by those who have a passion for self realisation and for healing themselves to achieve their fullest human potential.



Developed with the wisdom of natural therapies, including nutrition and yoga, the integrative wellness and cleanse programs are designed to help you gently detoxify and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They include nourishing recipes, self care practices, meditations and more. You’ll learn personalised tools, and wellness rituals to help you lead a more balanced, harmonious life. The OM Cleanse is a holistic program which includes workshops, retreats, e-book guide, online support and personalised programs.


Skills to Offer

Integrative wellness programs

Personalised transpersonal coaching or counselling

Facilitating groups on yoga and detox retreats

Personalised tea and rite of passage ceremonies

Yoga and meditation classes

Speaker at events, retreats or festivals



Student Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Psychology and Counselling at Ikon Institute of Healing Arts – IKON

Diploma of Integrative Nutrition at Institute of Integrative Nutrition – IIN

Diploma of Interior Design at Commercial Arts and Training Collage – CATC

Certificate 4 of Fitness at Australian Institue of Fitness – AIF

Certified Detox Specialist at Health and Science Academy – HSA

Certified 200 hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training at Byron Yoga Centre – BYC

Leadership in Rites of Passage with Dr Arne Rubinstein


SESSION: $120/ 90-minute session – $95/ 50-minute session for a follow up consultation (reduced rates may apply for persons with low income).

PROGRAMS: $290 monthly detox and cleanse programs (reduced rates may apply for persons with low income).

Sahar offers one or three day retreats for people interested in cleansing mind, body and spirit in the Byron Shire. For more information, please visit