Shaeh Carmella Korman

Transpersonal Counsellor

Shaeh Carmella Korman
BA Youth Work, Adv Dip Transpersonal Counselling, Cert IV AOD (Alcohol other Drug Studies)


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Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic method of looking into the human experience, beyond yet inclusive of personality. It utilises the spectrum of consciousness and whole body experience to explore the layers of psyche. This encourages subtle aspects of our inner world to emerge and shines light on to patterns of behaviour and thoughts that affect our life journey. Shaeh holds a particular interest in Carl Jung’s work and a depth psychological approach, however she is also trained and has extensive experience with adolescents and the field of drug and alcohol support
Perhaps you have been thinking about having counselling for a while.

One day you feel really low and want to speak to someone as soon as possible. The next day you feel a little better and the thought of contacting a counsellor goes away. However, more often than not, the issues that made you feel low are still there and you inevitably feel worse again in a few days’ time.

Counselling is not just for people struggling with relationships, stress or major life transitions, it is to help improve your clarity, confidence, and general wellbeing.

Shaeh will partner with you, and together will share your troubles, explore options, discuss strategies, develop a plan, build support, elicit clarity and encourage your strengths, to help you live a life rich in meaning.

Are you feeling unhappy, anxious, depressed, or a sense of meaninglessness?
Do you have a history of trauma?
Are you experiencing grief or loss?
Do you have difficulties in your relationships?
Are you feeling stressed, in pain, or fatigued?
Are you having trouble managing substance use?
Are you questioning the quality of your mental health?
Do you feel as though you have or are experiencing a spiritual awakening or spiritual emergence?
Are you seeking support for plant medicine integration?
Are you finding life difficult to manage, confusing or overwhelming?

Shaeh welcomes individuals of all ages, sexualities, genders, and have specialist education in working with youth and drug and alcohol work.

No referral is required ensuring access to counselling in a timely manner. I do not offer a Medicare rebate therefore a lower price is proposed, as well as offering a negotiable price for low income earners.

– $110 – 80 minutes.
-$90 – 60 minutes