Shaeh Carmella Korman

Transpersonal Counsellor

Shaeh Carmella Korman
BA Youth Work, Adv Dip Transpersonal Counselling, Cert IV AOD (Alcohol other Drug Studies)


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Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic method of looking into the human experience, beyond yet inclusive of personal identity. It utilises the spectrum of consciousness and whole body experience to explore the layers of psyche. This encourages subtle aspects of our inner world to emerge and shines light on to patterns of behaviour and thoughts that affect our life journey. Shaeh holds a particular interest in Carl Jung’s work and a depth psychological approach, however she is also trained and has extensive experience with adolescents and the field of drug and alcohol support.

Through the Transpersonal paradigm of healing Shaeh aims to integrate the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience within a framework of modern psychology.

At times we may feel like something is missing. We may feel like something is not quite right or start to question the quality of our lifestyle.

Are you living your truth?
Is there something emerging from within that is wanting attention?
Are you feeling unhappy, anxious, depressed, or a sense of meaninglessness?
Do you have a history of trauma that is affecting your life today?
Is there trauma in your family line that may be affecting your life?
Are you experiencing grief?
Are you questioning your relationships?
Are you having trouble managing substance use?
Are you questioning the quality of your mental health?
Do you feel as though you have or are experiencing a spiritual awakening or spiritual emergence?
Are you a young person who could do with someone to talk to?

There are many reasons why we might require extra attention and care. The Hero’s Journey is a way of describing movement within our lives that take us in to a deeper aspect of ourselves. It is an archetypal journey that has been portrayed in myths for thousands of years. The Hero’s Journey is one of transformation, of unveiling parts of ourselves that want to grow. Finding a sense of treasure or gold within this journey is the usual outcome however that can feel very difficult. We can often get stuck in the ‘dark forests’ of our journey or feel like we are unable to ‘slay the beast’. It helps to have a support during these difficult times, to be held in a space of deep listening where you can find your own answers.

Shaeh hope’s to be a warm companion exploring the inner world, accompanying you on your journey and working towards integrating whatever life has presented to you. Shaeh aims to tend to the inner world by offering a space of Daddiri – the ancient practice of deep listening, to allow the unconscious to emerge for integration of the self.

Cost: $80 1 hour. Low income rates available, please enquire.