Tamar Ben-Hur

Couple’s Counsellor

Tamar Ben-Hur
BA (Phil & Edu) MACA


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Phone 0407 235 322

Tamar Ben-Hur offers counselling for couples and individuals who are seeking an authentically passionate, loving and safe Life-Long Relationship.

Her approach incorporates the use of simple and practical tools, which couples can immediately start applying in their daily lives. This is supported by face to face sessions drawing on the framework of Anthroposophically based Psychotherapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), addressing the core beliefs and behavioral patterns that are preventing a couple from realizing their shared potential.

Tamar upholds the values of safety, honesty and confidentiality and will hold a sacred space for her clients’ transformation to take place. She works with the unique complexity of every relationship, tending it with upmost care and respect to personal boundaries and needs.

Tamar’s special interest is in supporting long term couples who have become derailed after big life changing events, such as having children. The intention is for the couple to re-discover their connection as a vital Resource of energy, motivation, sensuality and joy and ultimately be empowered to maintain the loving partnership they desire.

Tamar offers a forum for couples to explore the delicate and essential topic of sexuality in their relationship. She incorporates a practice many couples consider a “game changer”, which will create an exciting foundation for a new conversation on intimacy, power and sex.

As long as both members of the couple are deeply committed to the process, a Crisis can be the best opportunity for healing, not only for the relationship, but also for the family as a whole.

In order for relationships to live up to our modern expectations, we need to acquire new skills in terms of how we connect and relate. We can no longer operate within the old paradigm. It is a priviledge of this generation to step into this unknown territory. Tamar is dedicated in assisting her community in making this evolutionary leap.

  • BA in Philosophy & Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Graduate of the Advanced Practitioner program in Holistic Counselling from Sofia College.
  • Certified EFT Couple Therapist
  • Member of ACA (Australian Counselling Association)


COST: Introductory price of $120 for couple (90 min session) or $85 for individuals (60 min session).

Tamar offers free introductory talks in Mullumbimby on a regular basis, for people interested in commencing Couples Therapy. More information here.