Tamara Fenwick

Swedish Massage Therapist

Tamara Fenwick
Cert IV MT (Massage Therapy)


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Tamara Fenwick is a certified Swedish Massage Therapist with a passion for promoting health and wellbeing, assisting the body, mind and soul in healing, and supporting individuals on their journey to wellness.

Tamara has played a number of roles within the health industry for the last four years in various integrative models, witness to and inspired by the evolution of medicine and the value of complementary and preventative forms of healthcare.

She strongly believes the therapeutic benefits of intuitive bodywork such as massage therapy play a very important role in the puzzle of an individual’s health and wellness. By supporting our body’s systems through proven methods of purposeful touch and muscle manipulation we are able to encourage a state of relaxation for the overly stressed, a reactivation for the under-used, and a positive boost in the nervous and circulatory systems, guiding our bodies back to a healthier, more natural state of balance and homeostasis.

Whether you are 18 or 81 massage can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Whether you’re suffering a physical or emotional issue, minor stress or major health crisis, massage can support your body in healing and assist you in getting your health back to where you want to be.

Tamara uses individually tailored techniques of therapeutic Swedish massage for every client that enters her door. Her warm, loving and intuitive approach, as well as her caring and compassionate nature will leave you feeling deeply nourished and supported. So call today to see how Tamara can support you in your journey to wellness!

Cost:   $70 per hour