Alexis Sabatino (Mana Wellness) 

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Alexis Sabatino
BA Comms (West Chester University, USA) Health Coach Training Program (Institute for Integrative Nutrition NY, USA)

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Alexis is a Holistic Nutrition Coach for women seeking to heal themselves from the inside out. She approaches wellness and healing as an adventure into unknown and mysterious parts – exploring each individual’s unique map and constitution with new and compassionate eyes. She lovingly takes her client’s hand & guides them through an extraordinary transformation of mind, body, heart & spirit.

Her programs are an integrated wellness adventure, completely unique to the modern definition of Nutrition. She moves away from the trendy diets & cookie-cutter formulas of modern Nutrition & into a deeply expansive & illuminating journey of self-empowerment. She teaches clients how to become fluent in the unique language of their body & access the wisdom beneath the symptoms.

She supports clients to engage their courage, embrace their bio-individuality, end cycles of self-sabotage and reconnect with vitality, radiance and purpose. She uses a variety of tools such as but not limited to food, movement and mindfulness, with the intention to catalyse a joyful & sustainable lifestyle for her clients. Her wellness programs are designed to detoxify not only the physical body but the mental, emotional, and spiritual for optimal wellness & alignment.

In addition to Nutrition, she brings with her a background in Meditation and an infusion of Hawaiian Shamanism, known as “Huna.” Her business, Mana Wellness, embodies the multi-dimensional richness of ancient & modern principles. “Mana” is the Hawaiian word for “the life force that runs through all things,” and a symbol for vital health.

She’ll help you discover that “health” is not simply boiled chicken and painful lunges but a truly wonderful adventure in living!

Alexis offers monthly Women’s Wellness Talks at the Centre for Mind Body Wellness.


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