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Cindi Young
BHScNAT, GCertwomhth


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Our Naturopath, Cindi Young has over twenty years clinical experience. She has extensive experience from clinic, teaching and practitioner education. She is a highly experienced practitioner with a focus on evidence based medicine. She brings together tradition and research to ensure you are receiving the right advice. She is an passionate practitioner.

She is an experienced practitioner with a special interest in:

  • Hormone issues including menstrual hormones, thyroid and adrenals imbalances
  • Fertility support, pregnancy health & post-natal care
  • Ketogenic diet and weight management.

Cindi is an accredited Metabolic Balance Practitioner offering the Metabolic Balance Program in-clinic or via secure online platform.

Clinical Testing

Cindi uses a variety of testing in the clinic and functional testing including Dutch test for hormones & GI Map test to assess digestive function. She has a microscope to look at your blood, heavy metal and mineral test to check your levels and a bio impedance test to check and monitor your body composition. Cindi’s policy is Test don’t Guess when it comes to health and helping you to achieve your goals.

The Works Package

Recommended for those looking for answers & ready to investigate.

If you are frustrated with feeling sick and tired and not having answers, The Works Package is for you!

The Works Appointment Package includes: Your first two appointments, plus Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing, Metascan and Live Blood tests in your first appointment (in-clinic).

Your First appointment includes a full health history and symptoms assessment plus all tests are performed.

At your second appointment Cindi will go through your Report of Findings and Treatment plan based on an assessment of your health and test results. From here we tailor your personalised health care plan to you.


Cindi Young offers a wide range of appointment styles from full testing sessions to standard naturopathic. No matter what you choose, you can feel 100% confident that you will be supported every step of the way. Cindi will support you, teach you and inspire you to live a happy, healthy life.

Appointments are available on Mondays at Centre for Mind Body Wellness or via secure online platform Australia wide.

For more information please visit Cindi’s website to learn more about services.

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