Cyd Crossman

Somatic Sexologist and Embodiment Therapist


Cyd Crossman
Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, Embodiment Therapist, Mentor, Facilitator, Public Speaker and Writer


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Cyd Crossman is a Somatic Sexologist and Embodiment Therapist

Excited to be part of the pioneering field of Somatic (focussed awareness through the body) Sexology (the scientific study of human sexuality), Cyd has been studying, working, teaching, mentoring and researching in the field of sex, pleasure, relating and body based practises for 20 years.

She is a certified Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, Embodiment Therapist, Mentor, Facilitator, Public Speaker and Writer.

Recently approved by the NDIS, Cyd is passionate about ’real’ sex education. She works inclusively with ALL bodies, supporting them to feel, to unwind, to relax, to find pleasure, and to appreciate their authentic and unique expression of themselves, beyond all the external noise of limiting family, cultural and religious beliefs.

Most of us never received any real sex education, beyond the fear of STIs and pregnancy. Most of us understand the mechanics of physical sex, many of us are porn educated in relation to sex, but what of our authentic individual eroticism, intimacy, relating, loving, arousal, and pleasure?

Sessions with Cyd are an integration of ancient practices such as embodiment, meditation and mindfulness, with the pioneering insights of neuroscience and somatic learning theory and the mutual forming with the client of intentions and boundaries. Cyd’s approach is somatic and practical, that means you will learn by doing. You will be invited to get out of your head and into your body to become in touch with your physical, emotional, psychological and erotic landscape.

Each session is unique and informed by your personal history and desired result. You may not know exactly what it is that you are after (or maybe you do!) Reaching out is the first step. Cyd will work closely with you to clarify, refine and understand your specific needs. She provides a non-judgemental, inclusive space where you can talk openly about your life, sex, relationships and sexual history.

Some of the reasons people come to see me:

Vaginismus or other Pelvic Pain.
Working with Body Image
Post Prolapse Care
Ejaculation Choice.
Understanding your Sex and Sexuality.
Where why and how we disconnect from ourselves and others sexually.
How to have way better sex.
Creating your own Orgasmic Yoga practise.
Exploring our sexual evolution as we age.
Mind-Body connection and sex.
Disability and sexuality.
Becoming more orgasmic.
Hardwired to connect, how our neurology informs us.
Tantra and neurology.
The physiology of arousal.
Exploring breath as an erotic pump.
Erotic Stillness, the profoundly unproductive.
Menopause & tantra.
Why sexual communication is SO important for great sex.
Politics of Pleasure.
Moving through cultural blocks to healthy sex.
Why sex is meant to be Fun and Fabulous.
…and more!
All of you is welcome.

In Person
90 minute individual rate
120 minute couple rate

Online Sessions via Zoom
Australia or Global
These are very similar to face to face sessions. I am trained as a Touch Ambassador to work with you via the screen.

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Bookings are made directly with me and you will be sent a link and confirmation email with details regarding your session and payment options.

Call me to make a booking on: +61 (0)414 810 630

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