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Zoe Gameau

Zoë Gameau
BA (NIDA), Health Coach Training Programme, Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York)

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Zoë is currently on maternity leave and will be returning in 2020.

As a Holistic Health Coach, Zoë Gameau empowers people to trust the quiet voice of their hearts and to have the courage to find and pursue their dearest dreams with utmost, ethic, integrity and lasting sustainability for themselves, their loved ones, their broader community and for the planet. 

She embraces the full spectrum of human experience and emotion, trusting that it is all relevant and meaningful to a person’s evolution and growth – everything is met with understanding, compassion, a good dose of grace and a little pinch of irreverence and humour to bring lightness to it all. 

Zoë  walks the edge between what we know and what we are yet to comprehend.  She sits comfortably with the biggest questions and challenges life has to offer, acknowledging the void between these and the answers and helping us find ease in the natural unfolding of our life paths. 

Her  offerings  include, one off Coaching Sessions, her Coaching Trinity Series and Group Gatherings/Coaching Circles.   


Coaching Trinity Series 

For those who would like some guidance, clarity or perspective. Anyone wanting to commence the process of change and only requiring a little help in setting the course that they themselves can navigate without too much assistance. Also ideal for existing clients who have experienced coaching already and want to revisit for a refresher or some redirection as life evolves.

  • Initial 80 Minute Session
  • 2 follow up 50 minute sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals
  • Investment $270

I am available for face to face appointments in the Byron Bay region of Australia at the Centre For Mind Body Wellness and online from anywhere in the world.


The Coaching Seven Series 

For those who are excited and ready to make lasting change and reset their lives and their trajectory. This seven session coaching series offers a boost to clients who require some ongoing accountability within an immediately foreseeable time frame. I am totally committed to your success and will keep you fully accountable to yourself and to our Coaching Seven Series. I am rigorous, detailed and thorough in my approach and expect the same commitment from those I work with. The coaching series requires payment up front and home-’play’ which must be submitted 24 hours prior to each session as a standard requirement for the session to go ahead.

  • One 80 minute session
  • Six 50 minute sessions held weekly/fortnightly at the same time each week.
  • Email support between sessions
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals eg: information, worksheets or simple healthful tips/recipes.
  • Investment $630


Group Gathering / Coaching Circles 

We are in a crisis of disconnection. According to WHO data (in 2015) more than 6.9 percent of the world suffer from depression and it is a leading cause of disability. Despite the ubiquity of technology and social connection platforms, people are feeling alienated and isolated.  Group coaching sessions address our innate need for meaningful connection and belonging through gathering. 

Our Gathering Group/Coaching Circles facilitate space for soul, creative connection and real heart based conversation so people can share in the experience of ‘being’ and connect with each other, nature and that sense of something greater than us all. 

Together we can curate a Group Gathering/Coaching Circle Specific to your groups needs to be hosted by Zoë  in collaboration with you at a venue of your convenience.  Circles may be one-off or a series depending on your requirements and Zoë’s availability. 

Themes may include (but are not limited to): 

  • seasonal and nature based events 
  • marriage blessing and celebration circles 
  • women’s wisdom circles 
  • baby blessing ways 
  • crafting care in workplace culture 
  • meaningful, gentle team building.   

Using creative techniques stemming from mindfulness and relaxation traditions, participants are assisted in finding new ways to connect with themselves, each other and that intangible yet tangible ever-present sense of ‘something greater’ than us all.   

Investment varies and a percentage of profits from Gatherings goes towards nominated charities to be decided upon by Zoë and the client.   


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