Joanne Farrell

Transformational Kinesiologist

Joanne Farrell

Joanne Farrell

Dip Transformational Kinesiology (TK), Cert IV Kinesiology


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Joanne offers Transformational Kinesiology that identifies and unravels with precision where stress is held in the body. It transforms negative emotions,  subconscious thoughts, and brings you back to good health and balance.

Holding a Diploma in Transformational Kinesiology (TK) and Cert IV in Kinesiology, Joanne is also a certified Educator of TK and Energetic Anatomy through Polaris Institute in Denmark.

With 20 years of dedicated yoga practice and a vast range of deep immersion into many energetic practices all over the globe, Joanne brings a deeper embodied intuitive awareness to her work.

Working with two distinct styles of kinesiology, Joanne draws on a broad range of healing and practical tools, applying Western anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, Chinese medicine principles, principles of the energy body, as well as esoteric teachings about the evolution and constitution of the human body and soul.

This work is capable of helping you with everything from illness to emotional challenges and life purpose. For more information visit Joanne’s website.


Discover how kinesiology can help –

  • Release muscular, ligament, joint & fascia stress
  • Enhance immunity, vitality & energy levels
  • Reduce emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue & depression
  • Balance menstrual cycle & PMT issues
  • Support reproductive and women’s health issues
  • Regulate hormone imbalances
  • Improve concentration, memory & brain function
  • Reduce sleeplessness & improve sleep quality
  • Improve digestion and clear gut issues
  • Relieve pain, headaches, nausea, dizziness
  • Support organ and gland function
  • Support cleansing & detoxifying the body
  • Support cellular regeneration & hydration
  • Support challenging relationship issues
  • Elevate mood and motivation levels
  • Activate your energy body & auric integrity
  • And more….

Life Coaching Program

Joanne offers customised coaching programs taking you deep into specific areas of your life – relationship, health, career, finances, spirituality – giving you tools to empower yourself to make the changes you want for the life you want. This program asks the right questions and helps you access your innate wisdom to get the answers you have been looking for. With additional kinesiology testing and tools, you can set a strategy and put your plans into action and stay on track to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Joanne also offers workshops on energetic anatomy, the energy body and vitality, and a variety of issues relating to the physiology of health and wellness.

COST: $150 for 75 minutes.

Specialised coaching and treatment packages available.

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